Janet McDonald

I am Janet McDonald, Nursery Director and Manager. I have been working in childcare for over twelve years, the last six as a manager. I have a BA in Early Years Childcare and also the practical experience of SVQ Level3.

Caroline Harrop

My name is Caroline Harrop and I have my SVQ3 in Childcare, Learning and Development. I am the Sunbears Room Senior Practitioner.

Kelly Burns

I am Kelly Burns and I am the Senior Practitioner in our Panda Pre-School Room. I am qualified to SVQ Level 8

Elaine Mackay

My name is Elaine Mackay. I am a Qualified Early Years Practitioner at SVQ Level 4. I have over ten years experience.

Sarah Paget

I am Sarah Paget and I am a Qualified Practitioner at SVQ Level 3. I am part of the Pre-School Pandas Team

Zinab Mohammed

I am Zinab Mohammed. I come from Libya and I am a Qualified with SVQ Level 3. I work with our Koalas..

Marta Morales

I am Marta Morales. I come from Spain and I now work mainly with our 2 year olds in Koalas.

Erika Benham

I am Erika Benham.  I have 14 years experience in Nurseries in England.  I have NVQ qualifications but hope to start an SVQ course soon.

Maria Tejido-Alvares

I am Maria Tejido-Alvares and I am Spanish. I am qualified with my SVQ Level 3 and I work mostly with our Panda Cubs.

Fipe Vudi

I am Fipe Vudi. I come from Fiji and I am a qualified with SVQ Level 3. I work with our Panda Cubs.

Naina Woodhouse

I am Naina Woodhouse. I am studying to achieve my SVQ Level 3 and I work with our Pre-school Pandas

Tamsin Spence

I am Tamsin Spence and I am qualified with SVQ Level 3. I work with our Sunbears.

Suchitra Gajulapalle

I am Suchitra Gajulapalle. I am Indian and I am a Support Worker.

Ondrej Jahoda

I am Ondrej Jahoda. I come from the Czech Rerpublic. I am working towards my SVQ 3. I work with our Sunbears

Nadia Campo

I am Nadia Campo. I come from Italy and I am a Support Worker mainly in our Panda Cubs Room

Catrina Douglas

I am Catrina Douglas and I am studying to achieve my SVQ Level 2. I work mainly with our Pre-school Pandas

Andy Malone

I am Andy Malone.  I am just starting out in childcare and I work mainly with our Pre-school Pandas.