Table of Fees

Age Group Full Day Half Day
All Ages £53.00 £31.00


The price above includes:

Meals, snacks, milk and toothbrush. You are asked to supply the nappies that you prefer to use which will then be stored separately.

A 10% Sibling Discount is available.

To secure a place a non-refundable registration fee of £50 per child is required (£25 for siblings).

In order to make the payment the same in each month the monthly payable amount is calculated as follows:

Daily Rate x Number of days attending = Weekly Charge

Weekly Charge x 51 weeks = Annual Charge (Note one week closure at Christmas)

Annual Charge ÷ 12 months = Monthly invoiced amount.


For example: A Two year old full time for three days each week:

£53.00 x 3 = £159.00

£153.00 x 51 = £8,109.00

£8,109.00 ÷12 = £675.75 monthly payable amount.

1140hrs Provision

We participate in the council funded scheme to provide 1140hrs of funded childcare for qualifying three to five year olds. More information is available on request from the nursery.


All fees are invoiced one calendar month in advance and payment is due not later than the 7th of each month. eg. April Fees are payable not later than 7th April.  Full details are set out in our Terms and Conditions.